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How to install presets in Lightroom (mobile).

Enjoy editing your photos with our presets and please share your edits with us by tagging us and using the #farawaygetawaypreset hashtag! If you have any questions, please mail us at hello@farawaygetaway.com or dm us on instagram!

Installing a Lightroom preset on a mobile phone is easy but it takes a few steps. The following explanation is for iPhone users but it is almost similar if you have another smartphone.

1. Open the confirmation e-mail you received after purchasing the preset on your phone and tap on the download link
2. Tap on ‘Preview Content’ (If you don’t see Preview Content, see point 2.2)
3. Swipe to the ‘Adobe Raw Image’
4. Tap on the box icon with the arrow on the bottom left
5. Choose for ‘Copy to Lightroom’ (make sure that you have the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app installed on your phone)
6. The Lightroom app will open our photo automatically
7. Tap on the three dots on the top right
8. Tap on ‘Create Preset’
9. Give the preset a name and select or create a preset group
10. Tap on the checkmark on the top right
11. Open a photo in the lightroom app that you like to edit, swipe to the preset tab and select the preset to apply the preset to your photo

If you don’t see ‘Preview Content’:
2.2 There is a big chance you probably see ‘More…’, tap on it
2.3 Tap on ‘Save To Files’
2.4 Tap on iCloud Drive
2.5 Tap on ‘add’ in the top right corner
2.6 Open the Files app on your phone
2.7 Tap on the file that you’ve saved (make sure you are on the ‘Browse’ tab)
2.7 Tap on ‘Preview Content’
2.8 Go back to step 3

If you want to use our presets on your desktop computer you need to have a (paid) subscription for Adobe Lightroom Classic. Currently there is not another way to use our presets for free on a desktop computer.

1. Click on the download link and in the confirmation e-mail after buying one of our presets and save the .zip file somewhere on your computer where you can easily find it later
2. Unzip the folder
3. Open Adobe Lightroom Classic
4. Go to the top right and click on the ‘Develop’ tab
5. Go to the left panel that says ‘Presets’ and click on the ‘+’ icon
6. Click on ‘Import Presets’
7. Search for the location where you saved the unzipped folder
8. Select the .xmp file and click ‘import’
9. The presets should now show up in the Presets panel on the left
10. Click on a photo you like to edit and click on the preset to apply