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Paris, France

A Romantic Getaway in Paris

If you ask anyone to name a city in Europe and there is a big chance that they’ll answer with Paris. Paris is probably one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world — they don’t call it the city of love for nothing.

We both have had the pleasure of visiting Paris in the past so during this quick four-day visit we wanted to find the right balance between visiting the popular landmark locations and the less touristy area’s to enjoy the real Parisian life.

La Maison Favart was our place to stay on this trip, this cute boutique hotel transcends you back in time with its traditional 18th-century French decor. The name Favart comes from the founders of the Comic Opera which is located right across the street from the hotel. The hotel has a great central location in a quiet street in the beautiful area of Vivienne close to Palais Royal, Galeries Lafayette and Passage des Panoramas. It is very easy to see a lot of Paris by foot from this hotel and if you just want a day to relax be sure to order breakfast in bed and make use of the calming (complimentary!) spa / pool facility on the lower floor. Be sure you make a booking through their website since they always guarantee the lowest price.

Springtime is one of our favorite seasons to visit because the city comes to life in a bloom of pink cherry blossoms you’ll find in many parks throughout Paris. During this time of the year the weather is great to walk through the cute neighborhoods of La Marais, Vivienne, Quartier Latin and St. Germain de Prés. Paris is also lovely in early Autumn because all the Parisians are outside enjoying the many cafes that overflow into the streets or they are picnicking along the Seine with their favorite bottle of wine and some french bread and cheese. The French call it ‘Vive La Vie’ (living the life) and we believe that this exactly describes the charm this city offers, especially during these seasons.

Paris is also the perfect city for the art lover in all of us. The Louvre hosts the biggest collection in the world, but there are also many small and beautiful art museums to discover that are not filled with tourists such as Musée Bourdelle and Brancusi’s Studio. An added bonus is they tend to be free!

Our advice is to use your jetlag to your advantage and visit the Jardins de Trocadero for an unobstructed view of the Eiffel tower early in the morning for a beautiful sunrise. Then we would suggest spending your afternoons strolling the cute streets of Vievenne, La Marais, The Latin Quarter and Saint Germain Des Pres to enjoy what Paris really has to offer. If you like a view of the city go to the Sacre Cour by sunset to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Paris.


Plaka, Milos, Greece - Faraway Getaway
Tsigrado Beach, Milos, Greece - Faraway Getaway

Milos: Greek Island Hopping (Part 3)

Milos, Greece

Milos might not be the first island that people think of when booking a trip to Greece. We heard many great stories about this island and since it was easy to get to from Santorini we definitely wanted to add it to our trip as well.


Naxos - Faraway Getaway
Naxian On The Beach, Naxos - Faraway Getaway

Naxos: Greek Island Hopping (Part 4)

Naxos, Greece

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades and is home to Mount Zas (Zeus). Just like many other islands in Greece, Naxos is nowadays known to be a popular tourist location because of its many beaches and ruins.


I Scream, Mykonos, Greece - Faraway Getaway
San Giorgio - SOHO ROC House, Mykonos - Faraway Getaway

Mykonos: Greek Island Hopping (Part 5)

Mykonos, Greece

Out of all the islands of Greece, Mykonos is probably the best known for its summer party scene. Every year thousands of tourists and celebrities from all over the world travel to Mykonos to enjoy the vibrant nightlife.