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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

24 Hours in Amsterdam

Sometimes you have the opportunity to explore another city on a long lay-over or if you have a flexible travel schedule. Amsterdam is one of these cities that is conveniently located close to the international airport making it possible to see a lot in just 24h.

Since Amsterdam doesn’t really have big landmarks we suggest to mainly focus on two neighborhoods called ‘De Pijp’ and ‘Jordaan’. In both of these areas you get a good feel of what Amsterdam is all about without having to deal with a lot of tourists. You’ll find a lot of cute cafe’s (like Rainbowls, 4850 & Pluk) and small shops in these areas while walking along the traditional dutch townhouses and the famous canals.

For lunch we suggest ‘Bakers&Roasters’ but on the weekends you might want to make a reservation and if you are looking for dinner options it’s worth making your way to the ‘Foodhallen’. At the Foodhallen you can try small bites from different vendors while enjoying a great atmosphere with like-minded food lovers at communal tables in a big dining hall.

Do you have the possibility to stay for a night (or two)? We highly recommend booking a room at ‘Stout&Co’.

Stout&Co is a modern bed&breakfast with 6 very spacious and very well decorated rooms. Each room opens up to a green roof terrace, have their own bedroom, bathroom and seating area and all have their own color scheme. The central station, canals and the beautiful neighborhood ‘De Pijp’ are right next door and you are located in a quiet residential street right outside the touristy area. They offer a large breakfast that contains fresh local products from local suppliers which is served by the friendly host, Arienne. She also bakes the fresh bread every morning! Do not hesitate to ask Arienne about the history of Stout&Co and what you can do in the area because she is really helpful and knowledgeable !

Amsterdam is a beautiful city that is definitely worth visiting but is also a great city to add as a short stop to your European trip or as a lay-over to another destination.

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Plaka, Milos, Greece - Faraway Getaway
Tsigrado Beach, Milos, Greece - Faraway Getaway

Milos: Greek Island Hopping (Part 3)

Milos, Greece

Milos might not be the first island that people think of when booking a trip to Greece. We heard many great stories about this island and since it was easy to get to from Santorini we definitely wanted to add it to our trip as well.


Naxos - Faraway Getaway
San Giorgio - SOHO ROC House, Mykonos - Faraway Getaway

Complete Greece Travel Guide:

Athens, Santorini, Milos, Naxos, Mykonos,

A lot of Europeans choose Greece as their summer destination each year. This is not a huge surprise since Greece always has great weather, the food is fantastic and it is very affordable.


Naxos - Faraway Getaway
Naxian On The Beach, Naxos - Faraway Getaway

Naxos: Greek Island Hopping (Part 4)

Naxos, Greece

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades and is home to Mount Zas (Zeus). Just like many other islands in Greece, Naxos is nowadays known to be a popular tourist location because of its many beaches and ruins.