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Athens, Santorini, Milos, Naxos, Mykonos,

Complete Greece Travel Guide:

A lot of Europeans choose Greece as their summer destination each year. This is not a huge surprise since Greece always has great weather, the food is fantastic and it is very affordable. Although most people choose to go to one island during their trip it is also possible to travel around multiple islands. We decided to visit Athens and four islands during an island-hopping trip of 15 days traveling around with a ferry. Here you’ll find an overview of our trip, click on each destination to read more.

Part 1: Athens
We stayed for 3 nights at the beginning and 2 nights at the end

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world and is the warmest city in Europe and is known for its history, culture and ancient monuments. The most famous monument of Athens is the ‘Parthenon’ which is part of the well known ‘Acropolis’ site. We used this city as our launching point for our two weeks of island hopping.

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Part 2: Santorini
Ferry Athens – Santorini – 4 hours 55 minutes – €56
We stayed 2 nights, we think this was the perfect amount

If you are traveling to Santorini for the first time, staying in Oia is a must. It is very likely that if you have seen photos of Greece that they were taken here in this coastal town. Oia, with its picturesque Cycladic architecture, blue dome churches and the maze of narrow streets is one of the top tourism destinations in the world.

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Part 3: Milos
Ferry Santorini – Milos – 2 hours – €52
We stayed 3 nights, preferably we stayed one or two more nights

Milos might not be the first island that people think of when booking a trip to Greece but we only read amazing stories about this place and it was easy to get to from Santorini so we definitely wanted to add it to our trip as well.

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Part 4: Naxos
Ferry Milos – Naxos – 2 hours 20 minutes – €59
We stayed 3 for nights, preferably we stayed one or two more nights

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades and is home to Mount Zas (Zeus) which, according to Greek mythology, is where the Greek God Zeus was born and raised. Just like many other islands in Greece, Naxos is nowadays known to be a popular tourist location because of its many beaches and ruins.

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Part 5: Mykonos
Ferry Naxos – Mykonos – 45 minutes – €40
We stayed for 3 nights, we think this was the perfect amount

Mykonos is probably the most famous island to the international public. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world travel to Mykonos to enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

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Part 6: Athens
Ferry Mykonos – Athens – 2 hours 30 minutes – €20
We stayed for 3 nights at the beginning and 2 nights at the end

Since we had our return flight from Athens we decided to spend two more days in this beautiful city. You can read more about Athens in part 1!


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