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Mykonos, Greece

San Giorgio

San Giorgio is one of the top hotels on the island of Mykonos, not only because of its perfect location but also because of the beautiful outdoor space and the bohemian aesthetic. The concept behind the San Giorgio Hotel is to bring like-minded and creative people together in a laid-back atmosphere. The San Giorgio Hotel is designed to make meaningful interactions possible while giving those who are looking for privacy and relaxation from the daily routine the time to unplug. It is not surprising that the hotel is part of Design Hotels and will officially be part of SoHo House in 2020.

San Giorgio is located on the south part of the island right in between the famous ‘Paradise Beach’ and the beautiful beach club ‘Scorpios’ (read more about Scorpios down below).

The hotel has 44 very well decorated bedrooms, some of which have sea views and private terraces with hand-sewn hammocks. On the grounds, you’ll find a chapel, a restaurant (the breakfast buffet is absolutely amazing!), several lounge areas and a big pool. If you prefer swimming in the ocean then you can access the ocean from the private dock between the rocks. There’s a big focus on wellbeing at San Giorgio. There is an outdoor gym area where the hotel hosts a series of yoga and qigong classes, mind and body workshops, therapies and rituals.


A huge benefit of staying at San Giorgio is that you will be on the VIP guest list at Scorpios during your entire stay so you can go whenever and as often as you like.

During the day Scorpios is a very zen environment where you can just relax, connect and enjoy an artisanal cocktail on one of the lounge beds. As the sunsets, Scorpios truly comes alive and transforms into one of the top beach clubs in the world. During the peak season, Scorpios is a hotspot for people watching as it is a popular destination for celebrities and party-goers visiting Mykonos and the surrounding islands.

Another reason why Scorpios is so popular is that it’s the most beautiful place on the island to watch the sunset from. We recommend making a reservation for the restaurant because of the fresh, regional ingredients and their iconic recipes.

You simply can’t miss staying at San Giorgio and visiting Scorpios during your stay in Mykonos.


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