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Tulum, Mexico

Tulum Treehouse

Nestled between the Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Sea, sits a private retreat like no other in all of Tulum. Built by a collection of local artisans, builders, and makers, this ever-evolving space provides a place to create, collaborate, imagine and indulge.

Over the past decade Tulum in Mexico has transformed from a quiet jungle oasis to one of the world’s top travel destinations. This recent influx of travellers from around the globe has caused great stress and demand on the natural ecosystem. Tulum Treehouse is a private hotel which seeks to restore and preserve this balance.

This five bedroom private residence turn boutique hotel was designed by local architects CO-LAB design office, with the desire to embrace the beauty of the outdoors. A cascade of several spacious outdoor terraces and large common areas weave through the home, offering a variety of spaces for dinning, relaxing and creating. The roof terrace showcases an outdoor dining table for up to 20 people and a lounge area to watch uninhibited views of the sunset. In the evening the space turns into a causal rooftop bar for the surrounding community to enjoy.

Our room was located on the second level and had one of our favourite features yet: a balcony with an outdoor shower set amongst the trees! Like the rest of the property, the room featured beautiful local materials and textiles with bespoke furnishings crafted by (local) Mexican artisans, and zero plastic waste. 

As for the location of this property, it honestly doesn’t get any better. While it is positioned in the heart of the Hotel Zone and right across from Tulum Beach, its natural surroundings make it very private and secluded and all of our favorite restaurants were within a short walking distance. We highly recommend visiting Arca, Hartwood, Casa Jaguar and Raw Love.

That being said, some of the best meals we had were at Tulum Treehouse itself. Every morning, breakfast is made in the kitchen with a spread of fresh juices, fruit, yogurt, and farm to table eggs made to order. 

During our stay, the property opened its restaurant, serving up traditional and modern Mexican cuisine. The food was cooked over a traditional wood burning open fire where chefs from around the world were free to experiment in creating authentic dishes that are inspired by the ritual of Mexican cuisine.

Another aspect to this hidden gem that makes it so special is its appreciation and awareness of the artistic culture of Mexico. Not only is Tulum Treehouse just a truly beautiful place to stay but its artist in residency, community events and cinema program is what defines it as an enriching experience. During our time there the mesmerizing work of Carlito Dalceggio was featured throughout the property and the main common space of the home had been transformed into an open gallery.

During our stay we were able to enjoy a Mexican feature film that was projected on to a hand-made screen over the property’s swimming pool while sitting under the stars, and enjoying a cocktail. This was a magical experience.

Tulum Treehouse is the perfect destination for those who are looking to reconnect to what’s important in life. We have so many positive things to say about the property but ultimately it was the welcoming people who run this space and their sincere care in preserving Tulum’s natural environment and history, that truly impacted our experience. When you are here, you are apart of the community and we hope we can return here when we visit Tulum again in the future.


Tulum Treehouse


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