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Grand Canyon, United States

Under Canvas Grand Canyon

If you are like us, you may not know the first thing about camping but love to escape the city, and immerse yourself in the outdoors while maintaining the comforts of home. If this is the case, “glamping” might be exactly the balance you are looking for. Under Canvas understands this desire and has made it their mission to bridge the magic of experiencing natural, untouched land with comfort and style.

Owners Jacob and Sarah Dusek, pioneered this idea in the USA when they moved from the UK in 2009. Since then, the duo have set up eight glamp-sites near U.S National Parks, with plans to add six more locations in 2020!  Part of why we love this company is their approach to providing a truly sustainable experience. Their camps pride themselves on using water conscious showers and toilets, solar power wherever possible, recycled materials, and aim to eliminate single use plastics across all locations. If ever dismantled, the temporary structures are designed and built to leave no trace.

During our 7 Day Glamping Road Trip across the American Southwest, we knew we wanted to stay here as a part of our time exploring the Grand Canyon. The property is located a short 25 minute drive from the South Rim entrance. This was the perfect place to unplug as there is no wifi available on site. Under Canvas also offers a host of activities, including free yoga, to help you really connect with your surroundings. We found the concierge to be extremely helpful if you want to book other adventures or tours in the area. They even offer their own full service expedition packages and adventure packages here.  The main tent is where you will to find the concierge, gift store, restaurant, and comfortable lounge area.

Safari tents were the source of inspiration for the camp’s accommodations. Each tent includes, solid wood floors, wood burning stoves, usb battery packs, and plush king size beds. Some tents even include an en-suite bathroom, equipped with a shower, sink and flushing toilet.  For more details on what luxury tent options Under Canvas Grand Canyon offers click here.

GLAMPING: camping for those who don’t like camping.


Jungle Keva Tulum, Mexico - FARAWAY GETAWAY
Jungle Keva Tulum, Mexico - FARAWAY GETAWAY

Jungle Keva Tulum

Tulum, Mexico

Located just a short drive away from the main road of Tulum you will find the beautiful award winning boutique hotel 'Jungle Keva Tulum'. The hotel is designed by the Mexican architect Jaquestudio.


San Giorgio - SOHO ROC House, Mykonos - Faraway Getaway
San Giorgio - SOHO ROC House, Mykonos - Faraway Getaway

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Naxian On The Beach, Naxos - Faraway Getaway
Naxian On The Beach, Naxos - Faraway Getaway

Naxian on the Beach

Naxos, Greece

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